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  Throughout history the endeavor of scientific discovery evolves from the most arcane of pursuits to an eventual acceptance and standard.A prime example of this are the tworelated sciences ofmpus farming and mucology.Pus farming is the science and mechanical applications as it relates to entrained fluids within facial and dermotological blemishes.Mucology a distinct but related branch of the pusological sciences is the study of entrained fluids and their effect on human tissue;related to this field is the secondary study of mucodynamics the study of entrained fluids in motion or under pressure.The pusological sciences encompass the principles of hydraulics,hydrodynamics,archetectonics and the concepts of both physics and chemistry.

  The term pus farming commonly known as the popping of zits or boils dates back to Ancient Rome.First mentioned in the classic tome of Pusalotofus;the term "zit" is accredited to Pusalotofus from the use of the Latin word "Zitta" meaning ready to burst.Scholars of this text believe the purpose of Pusalotofus' studies into the science and mechanics of pus farming was an attempt to correlate the human experience withthose of the gods of Roman Mythology.Intially,the text of Pusalotofus was held as the standard text by which the characteristics,types and conditions of facial/dermotological blemishes were classified and diagnosed.The history of the pusological sciences dimmed until the Black Plague infested parts of Europe.Scholars claim the return of pus farming and mechanics can be attributed to the symptoms of the Black Plague and poor hygiene practice.

  A German Scholar continued the work in the pusological fields writing the text,"The Hydrological Applications of Pus Farming and Practices".Karl Boilenstein refined the science by developing methods and insturments utilized in the extraction of entrained fluids,including the use ofpaper or cloth to catch the byproduct of his experiments.It was Boilenstein whom first applied the concept of pressure in relation tovolume long before Boyle's Laws were recognized and accepted.Boilenstein noted that given the height and diameter of any blemish the amount of force required to rupture the blemish or farming site is directly proportional  to the percentage of the height the blemish respectively is under the exertion of compressive force.The formula a mathematical expression of the theory is F=1/%hxd,this formula and the postulate is referred to as the Boilenstein Theorem.During these studies Boilenstein commissioned fine craftsmen in Switzerland and Germany to fabricate specialized insturments for the extraction of entrained fluids.The complete collection is available for veiwing at the University Polyteknik Berlin.

  In early eighteenth century England the scientist Sir Walter Whitehead published the now famous and accepted,"Compendium of the Pusological Sciences and their Applications".The work pushed pus farming and related mechanics to the stature of a multi-disciplined and accepted scientific field.Scholary debate continues as to if Sir Whitehead is the namesake of the pus filled facial blemish or if the term came about through common language.The voluminous writings of Sir Whitehead through combining the ancient and modern methods became a defining moment in the pusological sciences.Prior to the publishing of Whitehead's Compendium the pusological sciences were considered an arcane pursuit with little or no value.In addition Sir Whitehead from his research defined,diagramed and described the types and the structures of facial blemishes.A further development by Whitehead includes the structural analysis of the double chambered,the contiguos and deeply rooted pus farming sites.Scholars,prior to this never considered the application or the use of structural engineering or architectonics to ascertain the structure of facial blemishes or the possibility of multiple farming(the extraction of entrained fluids) per site.The writing of Sir Whitehead are clearly influenced by the Boilenstein Theorem:"It is apparent that the height and diameter of the site is of crucialconsideration for the farming of any site;however,the diameter and height must be considered in context of the depth and width below the surface.The size of any given farming site does not nor can not always dictate the reservior will be paralell below the skin.In some instances the reservior of entrained fluids does in fact run perpindicular to the surface of the skin.The location and the time period of the site can greatly alter the generation or result in the "condensement" thereby entrained;thus the smallest of sites can often produce larger amounts of entrained fluids.";this became known as the "Extension of Entrained Fluids Theory.".Whitehead further noted:"As the entrainment of fluid and its nature of incompresibility is inevitable.The structural and architectural properties of blemishes and farms must be taken into consideration.As the skin thickness and the location are susceptible to vast variance therefore the application of a single formula is insufficient to clearly explain the nature and structure of all blemishes.".

  The statement of Whitehead sent tremors throughout the scientific community with International pride being offended by this new postulation.In response The French State Commisssion of Scientific Endeavor began a massive program which employed over two hundred scientists and staff to test the validity of Whitehead's theory.The French Scientists did prove that Whitehead's theories were valid and accurate while at the same time held the Boilenstein Theories were also accurate an effort which cinsumed several years and multitudes of French Francs.At the same time,scientists Enrico Carbunclulatti of Italy,came upon a discovery which contravened the work of the French Commisssion,Boilenstein and Whitehead.Through experimentation and the adaptation of measuring and farming insturments Carbunclulatti found that some sites when ruptured instantly resealed themselves leaving a site with a resemblance to a four leaf clover."As the forces exerted to rupture the membrane and release the entrained fluids only reversed the outward momentum of the entrained fluid structure.".The theory later referred to as the "Carbunclulatti Explosive Theory",expressed by the following statement :"The force exetred,in some instances,has apparently caused the inner membrane to rupture then reseal itself;causing the entrained fluids to force itself outwards about the diameter of the farming site while staying below the surface of the skin,with the resultant entrainment to resemble a four leaf clover.The Boilenstein Theorem seems to be revresed in these instances the inner membrane ruptures then instantly reseals the escape portal forcing the entrained fluids,being incompressible to radiate in an equal and opposite direction from the central axis of the farming site.".The theory was expressed in the formula F=1/%(hxd)xm-M-d,this represents the force exerted to rupture as a quotient of backward force exerted over the momentum of the calculated outward force of the entrained fluid.

 Upcoming articles in this series will detail the further evolution of the pusologicaland mucological sciences including further works of Boilenstein,Whitehead,Carbunclulatti and the prolific work of Doctor Flemmingworm.The intent of this series of articles is to educatew,inform and broaden the horizons of the reader.As the pusological sciences are not readily covered by most educational facilities and outlets including the new medium.The Science of Pus Farming and Mucology are no longer the arcane pursuit they have been characterized.As a dynamic field the benefits of this science have yet to be fully explored.

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